San Juan River Fly Fishing – DFF004

My father visited New Mexico back in late August to see his grand-kids. I managed to get a couple weeks off at the same time, so we took a couple days and fly fished the San Juan River. I also managed to get both of my brothers to go on the trip, so it was quite a treat taking my younger brother for the first time. We even saw some deer.

The weather in NM was still hot and the only fly that really worked for us was a size 26 & 28 black midge emerger below a red san juan worm as an attractor fly. I tie the midge emerger fly with a black body, gold wire wrap, and wing made of pearl krystal flash.

Overall it was a great day with my dad and brothers, we each got into a couple fish and I, for the most part, ended up playing guide & video cameraman. :-)


– Dom

Here is a map of where we captured some video from:

View Dominic’s New Mexico Fly Fishing Map in a larger map

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