East Fork of the Jemez River – not fishable for quite a while

Over this last holiday weekend, I took my family up to to the confluence of the East Fork of the Jemez River and San Antonio Creek to spend some time in the mountains just to get away, have a picnic, and let my kids play in the water. We managed to find a part of the San Antonio Creek that was slow and not as silt filled so the kids could play.

This is what happens to a river or stream after a large fire (Las Conchas Fire). Ash and silt runoff from the land is not able to slow down or hold the water. The streams look like thick chocolate milk. I managed to turn over some rocks, did not find many bugs in the water.

Needless to say, this part of NM trout streams will not be fishable for some time. The next best option in this area is the Rio Guadalupe.

– Dom

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4 Responses to East Fork of the Jemez River – not fishable for quite a while

  1. Brian says:

    Im a Rio Rancho resident and fish the East fork quite regularly.

    Since the summer rains have started to frequent the surrounding mountains, the water has become murky from runoff (it was very clear this spring, a good sign things are starting to recover after the fires), fishing is somewhat slow but if you get there early, its quite easy to have double digit catch days. I usually park at battle ship rock, and fish upstream hitting each pool as I wade.

    I have had the most success with Elk Hair caddis this year. You may want to try a larger nymph for some of the deeper pools if you cant get anything to rise.

    Dom is spot on in suggesting the Pecos, in fact I am heading up there early tomorrow morning. The water is clear and fishing has been very solid.

    Good luck!

    • Dom says:

      Thanks for the additional information & perspective Brian, maybe we can get out some time since you are local.

  2. Kim Jonez says:

    Love your web site. I will be visiting Albuquerque 8/26/12-8/29/12, I was hoping that the Jemez river has recovered from the past fires, any information would be greatly appreciated. Also, have you ever fished the Corrales Clear Drain or the Bernalilo Drain, if so do you have any suggestions of best locations to try. I am strictly a catch/release fly fishing woman and I try to find fishing opportunities in every city I visit. I live and fish in San Diego, CA. Thanks for any information you can provide.

    Thanks, Kim Jones

    • Dom says:

      Hi Kim, thanks for commenting. The Jemez River is clearing up, I think NMG&F stocked before the summer, but they have not stocked in the last couple weeks (the river gets warm in the summer). The Pecos River continues to be stocked from Cowles downstream to the city of Pecos, and would be a great place for C&R, most trout are in the 10 inch range & it’s a beautiful part of the state. The Corrales & Bernalillo drains are put and take fisheries, so the best time is when the heat is lower around here, that is usually in fall & spring. Also access is ok, mostly sandy bank fishing with steep banks. If you can’t drive more than 2 hours, you can look at the C&R pond at Tingley Beach (in Albuquerque) or the C&R pond at Sandia Lakes ($10 for access to this pond on the Sandia Indian Reservation). If you want to talk, just send me a email at dom at domflyfish.com and we can exchange phone numbers.

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