East Fork of the Jemez River – DFF008

When you have two sons at ages 5 and 3, their combined energy will overwhelm you. One weekend in December I wanted to go fly fishing, but with 2 little boys in tow it’s a bit difficult. So we went on a “hiking trip” to throw some rocks in the East Fork of the Jemez River and to burn off some energy.

It was cold out, so we all bundled up and took some snacks for a “hiking trip” (ok, it really was a disguised scouting trip for me). They had a blast chucking rocks while I took some pictures to look over later.

I combined the pictures in a video with some commentary so others can see what the East Fork of the Jemez River looks like just below Battleship Rock.


– Dom

Here is a map of the video location:

View Dominic’s New Mexico Fly Fishing Map in a larger map

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One Response to East Fork of the Jemez River – DFF008

  1. Brian says:

    Hey, this is awesome! All the info I’ve been looking for and more! You Rock Dom!

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