Simms Rivershed Wading Boots – DFF003

Here is a video review of some new Simms Rivershed wading boots I bought. I was motivated to upgrade my wading boots since I was getting tired of sore feet after some hard fly fishing. I talk a bit about the old shoes, new ones, and some of the features like the HardBite Studs & Star Cleats. I’ll add to this review as I have more experience with my new wading boots.

10/23/2010 Post Update: I’ve had the chance to use these boots 2 times now. Since the local dealer did not have the hardbite studs nor the hardbite star cleats I used the sheet metal screws mentioned in the video below. The first time was on the San Juan River and I added 6 screws to each sole and did not have a problem getting around the normally slick rocks in the river, so they worked nicely (at a much reduced cost). The second time, I went with a friend to fish the Rio Grande & the Red River below Cebolla Mesa (near Questa, New Mexico). I removed the screws and went with the rubber soles for the day. I did fine on the Rio Grande just below the confluence with the Red River, most of the rocks were not moss covered, but when we moved up to the Red River, that’s when things got really slick. I had such a hard time moving around I wished I brought the screws with me. Since the hike was 1.2 miles and 1000 ft down I reduced gear as much as possible. I think I’m keeping the screws in the soles all the time now, the only time I went without them I almost fell in the water twice. I don’t recommend hiking down in wading boots to fish the Rio Grande and Red River here, use hiking boots and haul the gear you need.


– Dom

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