How To Use Your Fly Fishing Vest Rod Holder – DFF009

A good friend of mine and I were fishing the San Juan River recently (I had not seen him since high school). He was a bit downstream of me, and I asked for his help to land a nice 17 inch brown trout. He netted the fish, and we started walking to each other.

While walking I pulled out some fly line so I had some slack in it. Then I put my fly rod in the rod holder on my vest so my hands would be free to release the fish (it keeps me from tucking the rod under my arm or between my legs).

This was the first time he had seen someone do this in his 10+ years of fly fishing, I even pointed out where these items were on his vest. The vest rod holder is also handy if you need to use both hands to work on a fly rig.

My friend learned something new that day and I decided to also share it with you here.


– Dom

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One Response to How To Use Your Fly Fishing Vest Rod Holder – DFF009

  1. Dom – your videos are awesome. How about a post about your camera and technique for making/posting the videos?

    The Smiths

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