Tingley Beach Fly Fishing – DFF001

In the past Tingley Beach was not on my list of places to fish, years ago when I knew it, it was a large long pond and it was very heavily fished. If you click on the map button (on the map) below you will have some idea what it used to look like. Tingley Beach has gone through a radical change over the years due to the effort of a lot of people while I lived elsewhere. Today there is a nice single barbless hook catch & release pond which holds some nice trout! This naturally draws those who like to fly fish out to wet a line without having to make the hour or more drive to get to the mountains.

Included above and below is some of what I want to bring to New Mexico fly fishing on this website. With the technology and information available on the internet today, we have the ability to know where other people fish and what it looks like (this takes effort to record & produce, much less go fishing). I often use google maps to scout new fishing places (I’ll do a post on this soon), and some of the detail I want is not in google maps. The detail I want is to know what the streams and lakes look like, to see if visiting the location would be worth the effort. This Tingley Beach Fishing post is first post of what I will be doing the future.

Enjoy the new glimpse into the fly fishing locations that will be on this website & Tingley Beach Fishing.

– Dom

Fly Fishing Map of Tingley Beach & Information Icons:

View Dominic’s New Mexico Fly Fishing Map in a larger map

Here is a video of the Catch & Release Pond that shows what the whole pond looks like:

Here is a nice YouTube video from NM Game & Fish on the Catch & Release pond:

Here is a video of the Youth Only Pond:

Here is a video of the Central Pond:


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2 Responses to Tingley Beach Fly Fishing – DFF001

  1. John Hollis says:

    Hmmm, I guess the name domflyfish is easy to remember. Of course this is VERY nicely done! I really enjoyed the visit. Thank you Dominic.

    • Dom says:

      Thank you for the kind words John. Be sure to check out the other pages on the site and visit back often.

      – Dom

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