About Dominic

Hi, my name is Dominic Pruitt. I’m a avid fly fisher that moved back to New Mexico after many years away and I’m excited to fish my home waters again (even the new Valles Caldera National Preserve). This time I want to share & document the places I’ve fly fished in New Mexico, along with flies I tie, and tips I’ve learned along the way for the beginner or experienced angler (in addition, this site is really a future resource for my kids in hopes they too will take up the sport). I am not a famous fly fisher, just someone who has fished for a while and found the sport to be very rewarding.

This site will bring something new to fly fishing in New Mexico, it will involve video & the power of google maps, I think you might like it. Deciding where to fish is a tough decision, time is precious and I often wished there was a resource available to see what the rivers or lakes really looked like instead of just using a map, especially when traveling to a new place. I decided to fill this need and create this website, which is free for now, to help others decide where to fly fish in this beautiful state of New Mexico. They don’t call it the “Land of Enchantment” for nothing.

You can click on this link to see my first post or click on the Trips & Tips Library link to see what’s new. Here is my Dominic’s New Mexico Fly Fishing Map which details the places I’ve fly fished for trout before and where I will document future trips.

View Dominic’s New Mexico Fly Fishing Map in a larger map

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Here is my contact information. Please feel free to email me or call me anytime …

My Email : : dom (at) domflyfish.com
Twitter : : http://twitter.com/dompruitt

– Dom